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Note: These pages have been imported from the OmniTI wiki and are in the process of being converted.
Information here may not yet be correct for the Community Edition.

Vagrant Baseboxes

How to create a Vagrant basebox for OmniOS.

Necessary Software

You will need the following packages installed on the host system being used to build an OmniOS basebox for Vagrant:


We provide a packer template and script at:

These will generate a barebones OmniOS basebox with little beyond the insecure Vagrant key installed. Ideally all that would be necessary to then use as the base for your own per-project provisioning through Vagrant. This template and post install script can be modified to suit your needs if necessary to produce a basebox configuration that differs from the ones we publish at

Building the Basebox

All steps below assume you are working from the base directory of the repository checkout above.


You may want to edit template.json if you need to alter the OmniOS release installed, use a different ISO mirror, or modify disk or memory settings.

In almost all cases, you will want to leave :boot_cmd_sequence untouched.

The definitions/omnios-stable/ file details everything installed and configured on the basebox after OmniOS has been installed.

Additionally, this script configures the nameserver, adds the omniti-ms IPS publisher, installs the Virtualbox Guest Additions, and sets up the Vagrant insecure key. Any packages you require to be installed or configured inside your basebox should be added to this script.


Once the packer template is modified to suit your needs, you build the basebox using the following:

$ packer build template.json

This will take some time. You should see Virtualbox create the new machine, and if you are running on a local machine (or remotely with X11 forwarding) a new VM window will be displayed where you can watch the progress of the OmniOS installer.

Once complete, you can import the basebox with vagrant to test it:

$ vagrant box add omnios-r151008e-r1