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Note: These pages have been imported from the OmniTI wiki and are in the process of being converted.
Information here may not yet be correct for the Community Edition.

OmniOS r151018

December 31 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151018 at f79e06d

uname -a shows omnios-f79e06d

October 27 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151018 at 258cc99

uname -a shows omnios-r151018-258cc99

August 3 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151018 at 9d7f1f7

uname -a shows omnios-r151018-95eaa7e (driver update only)

June 6 2016 Update

illumos-omnios branch r151018 at 95eaa7e

uname -a shows omnios-r151018-95eaa7e

r151018 release

Stable Release, April 14, 2016

illumos-omnios branch r151018 at [changeset:core/illumos-omnios,ae3141d ae3141d]

uname -a shows omnios-r151018-ae3141d

Last full illumos-gate merge was 62dadd6.

r151018 release repository

Please read the upgrade instructions carefully. They were written for r151014, but they apply to r151018 as well.

What’s new in this release?

The debug.illumos variant is now available on the r151018 repository. This allows DEBUG kernel modules to be installed that match the non-DEBUG kernel modules’ functionality. The default value for debug.illumos is false. To change it:

(0)# beadm list
BE                     Active Mountpoint Space Policy Created
non-DEBUG              NR     /          26.1G static 2016-03-15 10:51
(0)# pkg variant -a
arch                                                                   i386
debug.illumos                                                          false                                                       global
(0)# pkg change-variant  --be-name DEBUG debug.illumos=true
            Packages to change: 196
     Variants/Facets to change:   1
       Create boot environment: Yes
Create backup boot environment:  No

DOWNLOAD                                PKGS         FILES    XFER (MB)   SPEED
Completed                            196/196     1161/1161    57.2/57.2    0B/s

PHASE                                          ITEMS
Updating modified actions                  3322/3322
Updating package state database                 Done 
Updating package cache                           0/0 
Updating image state                            Done 
Creating fast lookup database                   Done 
Reading search index                            Done 
Building new search index                    472/472 

A clone of non-DEBUG exists and has been updated and activated.
On the next boot the Boot Environment DEBUG will be
mounted on '/'.  Reboot when ready to switch to this updated BE.

(0)# beadm list
BE                     Active Mountpoint Space Policy Created
non-DEBUG              N      /          1.49M static 2016-03-15 10:51
DEBUG                  R      -          26.9G static 2016-03-17 20:39

Like a pkg update with new kernel modules, changing the DEBUG/non-DEBUG variant creates a new boot environment and requires a reboot.

This is helpful for systems that are encountering problems that require full kernel debugging. Before this, a user would have to either build the DEBUG illumos-omnios bits and onu(1M) them, or just be limited to whatever /etc/system tuning was available.

Thanks to Jeff “jeffpc” Sipek for his contribution to this.

NOTE: A DEBUG kernel will be noticeably slower.

NOTE2: Updating a BE updates with whatever debug.illumos variant is set, and does not update the other debug.illumos BE.

Package changes ([+] Added, [-] Removed, [*] Changed)