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Note: These pages have been imported from the OmniTI wiki and are in the process of being converted.
Information here may not yet be correct for the Community Edition.


See GeneralAdministration for how to manage repositories.

OmniOS takes a “layer cake” approach to packaging. The core OS contains the packages needed to build the OS, plus a few small frills (more shells, tmux/screen, etc.) Users are encouraged to either create their own package repos for additional software they want to run (and where they like it to be installed) or use repos published by other users.

Maintainers of add-on repos are encouraged to share their work with the community. If you wish to have your repo listed here, please speak up on the mailing list or IRC.


URL Publisher Build Scripts Notes omnios r151022 Core OS components (current LTS and Stable) omnios master Core OS components (unstable)

Unofficial Extras

URL Publisher Maintainer Build Scripts Notes Sergey Ivanov OmniTI omniti-ms Non-core packages used in OmniTI’s managed services environments OmniTI omnios-build-perl Perl module dists designed to work with omniti/runtime/perl Signed packages; see the instructions uulm.mawi Steffen Kram stefri/omnios-build localhostomnios SFE Community Open for contribution application qutic development Userland packages; pull requests welcome
DEPRECATED Jorge Schrauwen omnios-build-blackdot source still available on github SysV packages OpenCSW A collection of SysV packages (i.e. for use with the old pkgadd(1M) command)

Note that and hold packages built specifically for OmniTI’s own use. While there is nothing secret or astonishing therein, non-OmniTI users may wish to see the template branch which may be used as the basis to build one’s own packages.