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Note: These pages have been imported from the OmniTI wiki and are in the process of being converted.
Information here may not yet be correct for the Community Edition.

Man Page Sections

If you’re from a BSD and/or Linux background, you’ll notice that the location of man pages in OmniOS is slightly different. OmniOS, being a distribution of illumos, itself a descendant of Solaris, uses the System V man sections. For each section, there is an intro man page that describes that section, and the online equivalent has been linked to each description below.

The table below illustrates the SysV sections and maps them (roughly) to their BSD/Linux equivalents.

Section Description BSD/Linux Section
1 User Commands 1
1M System Administration Commands 8
2 System Calls 2
3 Library Functions 3
4 File Formats and Configurations 5
5 Standards, Environments and Macros 7
7 Device and Network Interfaces 4
9 Kernel routines  

Some sections break down further into subsections, such as “3C” for C library functions or “7D” for device drivers. These are explained in their respective intro pages.


In addition to the -s flag for specifying the desired section, you can also append a dot, followed by the section number, to the command being searched. For example, man -s 2 intro is equivalent to man intro.2