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Note: These pages have been imported from the OmniTI wiki and are in the process of being converted.
Information here may not yet be correct for the Community Edition.

Reporting Issues


To notify the OmniOSce developers of a security-related issue, please email pgp-encrypted to security (at) omniosce (dot) org.

All Other Issues

If you have a support contract, please follow the appropriate escalation path as outlined in your contract.

Other users may report runtime issues to the discusslist or submit a pull request on Github for build issues.

Since OmniOS is based on illumos, the majority of the software delivered with the system is part of the illumos source tree. If you are experiencing problems with the kernel or software not added by OmniOS, the wider illumos community may be able to help as well. Please help by reporting your issue so that the whole community may benefit.