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Note: These pages have been imported from the OmniTI wiki and are in the process of being converted.
Information here may not yet be correct for the Community Edition.

Bloody Release

The OmniOS bloody release uses the master branches of all of the relevant git repositories. It is always an odd-number, and is one after the current stable. Right now, bloody is r151015.

Unsigned packages

Starting with r151014, we require signature enforcement on packages. If you wish to switch from a stable release to bloody by using IPS, you must be cautious. Unless you install bloody from an ISO, USB, or Kayak, you will need to reduce the “omnios” publisher’s signature policy. To do this is similar to the r151014 upgrade instructions:

After shutting down the zones gracefully (zlogin; shutdown -i5 -g0 -y):

It would also be a good idea to take a ZFS snapshot of the zone root in case it’s needed for rollback (such as if there are issues with the zone upgrade.) where is the name of the ZFS dataset whose mountpoint corresponds to the value of *zonepath* in the zone's configuration. There are child datasets under this one, so we use the option to recursively snapshot all.

Because each OmniOS release has its own dedicated repo, you will first need to set the package publisher to the repository for r151014:

Once you move to bloody, you have weakened the OmniOS signature policy. To upgrade out of bloody to a stable release (if it’s possible), you must change the signature policy of the “omnios” publisher back to require-signatures, as shown in the r151014 upgrade instructions.


A bloody release has no guaranteed way to upgrade out of it, but we endeavor to make it able to be upgradeable to its next stable release. The r151013 bloody cycle was upgradable to r151014. The r151011 bloody cycle was not, due to a mismanaged upgrade of a specific package bug.

Modulo the limits on number of Boot Environments, it’s recommended that BEs are kept around in case one needs to revert. If a can’t-upgrade event occurs, a BE created before that bug could be used to upgrade out to the next stable.